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zabriskie1I feel like I need to write an introductory post talking about what I hope to discuss in here. I’m sure this is very old school and past media but hey, I gotta be me.

There are a few areas I am going to be really interested in and working from.

Trad Library Skills– man I love that old time library science. I see huge swaths of what we do as extensions of this classic skills base applied in new and interesting ways. For me most of the work that libraries are doing with tech and new services is the new delivery of the same old skills and tasks we have been offering our users for decades.

Graphic Novels – I have a couple of areas in Graphic Novels I am really interested in. I’m really interested in diversity in comics and have been looking at it for years and talking to amazing people about what it means to have diversity on the comics page. I’m also really interested in the idea of a core list of classic comics. I see a Canon of comics and I think libraries are the perfect place to explore that. Sure we should all read THE KILLING JOKE but we don’t all need to own THE KILLING JOKE. This is where libraries can step in. It’s like the regular canon, does everyone need a copy of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE sitting on their personal bookshelves, nope they do not, but it is great to know that you can find one at the library. I feel the same way about THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.

Adoption Children’s Books – I am part of an adoptive family and it has made me hyper aware of the depiction (or lack) of nontraditional families in kids books. I look for this stuff like a hawk and I will be sharing my favorites and discussing the issue (a lot, like A LOT a lot).

The Newbery Award – I’m also kind of obsessed with the Newbery Award. I have looked a lot at the list of past winners and I am fascinated by how the winning titles can be seen as emblematic of the year they won. I’m no historian and I don’t pretend to be an expert in children’s lit but I do have an English degree (a Masters no less) so I’m happy to slice a narrative awfully thin.

Library Advocacy – I write about this stuff lots in other places so I am not going to get too deep into it here but I am sure it is going to come up in here plenty anyway.

I’m sure there will be stuff in here about managing staff, dealing with burnout, conference updates, and the trials and tribulations of the NFP Executive Director.

Thanks for reading.

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